Lawn Signs and Banners

Katrina Morse Promotional, Special Formats

Lawn signs and vinyl banners make a huge statement. Used prominently in your community they are an ongoing reminder of who you are and your mission or the services you provide. Your message can be printed on many materials for your specific needs including outdoor use or inside for trade shows, events, or other occasions.

Inserts with Take-Away

awp_camilla Promotional, Special Formats

This 6″ x 9″ card was used as an insert into a take home bag at a large conference. The main card section describes a date specific promotion and the tear off bookmark at a perforation is a timeless piece with contact information. The combination of information card and bookmark make for a more long lasting impact. Illustration was done … Read More

Tickets, Cards, and Stickers

awp_camilla Promotional, Special Formats

Tickets, gift tags, name tags, cards, labels, and stickers are the natural complement to a program or event or can promote your product. These are coordinated to match the look and feel of additional materials created. Layout can be formatted to be printed in your office on standard label stock or cover stock and cut, or formatted to be sent … Read More