Katrina Morse is an artist, educator, designer, and writer with a passion for exploring and sharing the creative process.

“My earliest memories are those of looking out at the world and observing–noticing the tiny details of a snail in the grass or the way a cat’s tail curls in expression…

As an adult, I am constantly inspired by the life around me and use it as the springboard for creating new characters, scenes, and ways to put words together.

I was trained in Studio Art at the University of Vermont and then received an MS in Education from Elmira College. This combination of knowledge serves me well as an illustrator, writer, and graphic designer.”

“I am driven to share and teach, to motivate and empower both children and adults to use their own creativity to express themselves and enrich their lives with imaginative thought.”

At 7 years old, walking on the train tracks on the shore of Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes of upstate New York

At our apartment on Stewart Ave. in Ithaca, NY, at 4 months old. I was just happy as a baby that I had two loving parents! I don’t take that for granted!

I’ve always loved cats! Here I am at 8 years old with my grandmother’s cat trying to jump out of my arms.

Somewhere around 7 years old I drew this picture of a girl dreaming about music.