Katrina’s Make-It Page

Hi kids! Here are some projects for you to try out. Use your imagination and have fun! Write to me and tell me how your Make-It project turned out!

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Finger Puppets

Act out the story of “Quiet Cat Loud Cat” with these Finger Puppets

Print out, color, cut, and tape to make the characters of the book. Act out the story or make up your own!

Does Kimmy sing with her neighbors?
Who likes to be quiet and who likes to be loud?

Story Starters

Make your own stories! Here are some “Story Starters” to give you ideas for your own story. (You can always write and draw your own stories using your imagination, too!) These illustrations combine characters from “At Home with Books” and “It Began with a Song.”

Print out the pages and pick one picture.
What is happening in this picture?
What happens next?
Color the picture; write or draw more pages if you want!


Leaf Rubbings

Be an Observer!

Find different shapes of leaves outside on trees, bushes, and plants and inside too if you have any houseplants. What shapes did you find? Heart shapes, pointed ovals, leaves made of many leaflets?

Very gently pick off a leaf from a plant or use dry leaves you find on the ground. Make a collection of 3-5 different leaf shapes.

Put your leaves under a piece of paper.
Use a crayon or colored pencil and color over the place where the leaf is under the paper.
Look what happens! You can see the shape of the leaf and some of the details.

Draw more on your rubbings paper to add details. Add eyes, legs, and arms to leaf shapes to make a character. What is happening in your picture? Tell the story!

Mother Bear’s Pancakes

Cook up these pancakes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Be creative with your flavors and toppings to make your own Pancake Creation!

Mother Bear’s Pancakes Recipe

Stick Puppets

Print out the Bear Character Puppets from “At Home with Books.”
Color (draw your own characters if you want), then cut on the dotted lines.
Tape a plastic spoon, popsicle stick, or unsharpened pencil to the back of each character.
Now you can use the stick puppets to tell your own story!