Author/Illustrator Visits and Children's Art Classes

Want to inspire your students to be creative thinkers? Katrina presents new ideas and creative strategies to spark your students’ imaginations in the classroom.

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Books for Young Children and Creative Adults

Here are Katrina Morse’s children’s books, illustrations, and an art workbook for adults.


Adult Art Classes

Create, explore, and discover your own creativity! Blue Door Studio classes in drawing, painting, printmaking and more are taught by Katrina and guest instructors. For beginner to advanced students.

Blue Door Studio

NEW! Blue Door Studio Art Classes for Adults!

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Katrina reads to a kindergarten class

About Katrina Morse

Katrina Morse is an artist, educator, designer, and writer with a passion for exploring and sharing the creative process and helping others with tap into their own creative ideas.

My earliest memories are those of looking out at the world and observing–noticing the tiny details of a snail in the grass or the way a cat’s tail curls in expression.

Today, I am constantly inspired by the life around me and use it as the springboard for creating new characters, scenes, ways to put words together, and new art lessons to teach. More about Katrina


Katrina's Creative Musings

How do you spark a child's imagination? What role do children's books play in inspiring new ideas? Katrina explores the creative process of writing, illustrating, and sharing books with young children.

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