Children’s Books and Illustrations

Here are Katrina Morse’s children’s books and illustrations of additional characters that may turn up in a book one day! Please contact Katrina with questions about purchasing books or prints of illustrations.

“I have given several of these books as gifts to the children in my life and each one has been enchanted by the beautiful illustrations and really enjoyed the movements incorporated in this book. The sunny faces of the flowers and the smart glasses on the mole just make me happy! But my favorite part is the imagery of the wind kissing each of the forest animals.”Amazon customer

It Began with a Song (2013)

Stretch and bend. Wiggle and jump. When a bird starts singing to the bright, rising sun, everyone starts moving! Young children will love making the sounds and doing the movements on each page just as the animals in the story do as they wake up and start their day. The theme of friendship, cooperation, and respect for differences makes for great discussion with children. Music score and additional activities for extending the book are included in the back. (8 ½” x 11”)

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Love Those Letters (2010)

The “Love Those Letters” set is an alphabet recognition tool designed to reach all learners and to strengthen the home–school connection with an alphabet book, a DVD, CD, and so much more! Beautiful images illustrate each keyword in the book and alphabet activities for families are included in the back. The DVD introduces a new alphabet song, dance, and sign language for each letter and the CD features the book read aloud. Book written and illustrated by Katrina Morse. (6” x 6”)

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At Home with Books
En casa con libros (2007/2016)

– Bilingual English/Spanish edition

Embedded in this comforting tale are messages to families about how to make the read-aloud experience more meaningful to children. The book’s simple text tells about Brother Bear and Sister Bear hearing book after book read aloud to them by family and friends. Many details in the illustrations and the “stories within the story” that the Bear Family read make the book engaging for the youngest listeners to emergent readers. Read-aloud activities in the back of the book extend the story. (8 ½” x 11”)

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Listen to “At Home with Books” read by Katrina Morse! Or listen to “En Casa con Libros” read in Spanish.

Portfolio of illustrations

You can see a portfolio of some of my illustrations on the website for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (

Some characters are already featured in my children’s books. Others are waiting to jump into a story! I have created illustrations for Cornell University Department of Human Development, the LUND organization based in Burlington, VT, and the Cancer Resource Center in Ithaca, NY.

Looking for an illustrator for your project or book? Contact me to talk over your ideas.

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Interview with Katrina

Question: Where do your ideas come from?

I love colors, so any excuse to put colors together thrills me–combining bright colors of clothes to wear, using paint on canvas and in illustration, arranging flowering plants in the garden, making little still lives on shelves in my home… I respond to all things visual.

I also love thinking “what if…” What if my cat went out on the town and came back wearing black hip boots and brought an anchovy pizza for us to share? What if my backyard sparrow made a nest on the tippy top of the mast of the ship and went on a high seas adventure? There are so many “what ifs.”

The thrill of being an illustrator is that I can imagine characters, their colorful lives, and give them form. I start with the flat surface of a piece of paper, add line, and then a personality emerges. It feels like magic every time! From blank page to full and rich idea. The final thrill is sharing that with others and introducing children (and grown-ups) to ways they can use their own imaginations.

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