Appeals and Newsletters

Katrina Morse Informational, Promotional

A great not-for-profit marketing strategy includes both hardcopy and online formats to communicate your impact and pull your supporters closer to your mission. Give your supporters concrete examples of the good work you are doing and ways they can help. Memorabilia such as bookmarks and cards will stay around a household for a long time and be a reminder of … Read More

Commemorative Booklets and Cards

Katrina Morse Multipage Publications, Promotional

Commemorate an event with a multipage keepsake acknowledging and honoring participants or your special occasion. These keepsakes are a lasting way to feel part of a group and elicit ongoing support. These multipage pieces are also full of information useful at your event with maps, schedules, and can acknowledge sponsorships.

Menus and Restaurant Signs

Katrina Morse Informational, Promotional

Katrina can take your outsourced photographs, charts, and tables and combine them for the best impact and ease of use. Give your text the visual punch it needs to make a memorable statement and be user friendly.

Fundraising Registrations

awp_camilla Promotional

Use a registration form for your fundraiser that you can hand out or leave in prominent places in your community. Use this tri-fold to collect names and contact information of supporters. An online format of the form can be used on your Facebook event page or website. Posters and flyers that have the same graphics are handy for promotion. Registration … Read More