“Take a Break and Create” Workbook Projects

These projects are designed to help you focus and become calm. I’ll be posting one per day starting on March 20, 2020. Print them out and use colored pencils or collage to enjoy a creative project. They are art meditations!

Each project has an “art insight” at the bottom of the page that will give you tips on technique or information about creativity.

“Take a Break and Create” by Katrina Morse © 2019

Word of the Page Projects

      # 1  COMFORT Create the patterns of your own cozy quilt.

      # 2  ADVENTURE Where have your feet taken you?

      # 3  RADIANCE Draw a face on this self portrait of you as the sun.

      # 4  FREEDOM Learn how to draw a simple bird with wings spread in the sky.

      # 5  PEACE Relax and color the swirling design.

      # 6  HOPE Light a candle to shine the light of hope.

      # 7  GROWTH Do rubbings of leaves and make a garden.

      # 8  WISDOM Follow the path of a labyrinth.

      # 9  PATIENCE Fill this page with your own repeating pattern and color it in.

      #  10  LOYALTY Create the link that connects you to a person or a belief.  

     # 11  FORGIVENESS Release the seeds of your resentment.

      # 12  BALANCE Draw on both sides of the page to create balance.

      # 13  CLEANSING Take a trip to the ocean and be washed by the waves.

      # 14  LOVE Express your emotions to someone you love (maybe to yourself!)

      # 15  GROUNDING Plant yourself by drawing the roots of a tree.

      # 16  GRIEF Fill a fish bowl with images, words, and watery color.

      # 17  ANGER Let your feelings out on this page.

      # 18  ABUNDANCE Fill a basket with the many things that you value.

      # 19  TRUST Draw without looking at your paper until you’re done!

      # 20  WHOLENESS Create a personal mandala with simple lines and shapes.