I love hearing ideas from students. They always have so much to contribute!
Katrina Morse 
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Katrina Morse Illustration & Children's Books

"At Home with Books/En casa con libros" is now in English and Spanish all in one book! It's a great book for reading aloud to children and also has read-aloud tips in the back for adults. Order today!

"It Began with a Song" is a story especially for pre-schoolers. Stretch and bend. Wiggle and jump. When a bird starts singing to the bright rising sun, everyone starts moving! Hurray! Let’s dance!

The "Meadow Song and Dance" at the end of the book extends the story into more fun for your family or classroom. 


Available on Amazon. For orders of more than 10 copies, please contact me for a discounted price.

On an author visit, I hold the artwork of a talented kindergarten artist and she shows me my book artwork.

I'm available to come to your school!

Katrina Morse: Author/Illustrator Visit
For each session with students I start by reading my book "At Home with Books," published by Family Reading Partnership, then ask students "What happens next?" in the stories the Bear Family reads.
I talk about different types of writing styles and subjects (fairy tales, non-fiction, fantasy, and rhyming text) and emphasize creative thinking, making sure to speak to the level of the students in attendance.  

I end with a reading of my book "It Began with a Song" and show sketches and finished illustrations. Children can bend, stretch, and move to the story and get their wiggles out! 

Students and faculty are welcome to ask questions about the writing, illustrating, and printing process.

Each student walks away with ideas for their own writing and illustrating. 

I am also available to sign books and meet students and teachers informally.

Recommended for Pre-K through 2nd grade.
Sessions are about 40 min. for 1st and 2nd grades,
30 minutes for Pre-K and K
To purchase "At Home with Books" or "Love Those Letters" visit: www.familyreading.org 

To purchase just a few copies of "It Began with a Song" you can order through Amazon. For local purchases of more than 10 copies, contact me for a discounted rate.

For school visits I prefer to talk to groups of no more than 100 at a time so that everyone can see the books and artwork and I can hear student responses.

1 hour, within 30 miles of Ithaca, NY: $100 
3 hours, within 50 miles of Ithaca, NY: $350
6 hour day, within 50 miles of Ithaca, NY: $700
Out of the area, add travel expenses and contact me.
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